Size, Height, Capacity (7.5㎝)

7.5㎝, 6.5㎝, 175cc

Size, Height, Capacity (9.0㎝)

9.0㎝, 7.5㎝, 315cc

Size, Height, Capacity (10.5㎝)

10.5㎝, 8.8㎝, 480cc


Made in Japan for safety and reliability

Under Japanese quality control, we manufacture high quality products using Japanese technology and safe and secure Japanese raw materials.

Durable and soft PP material

Because it is made with durable PP material, it can be washed and used repeatedly.

Easy to pick up

Utilizing Japanese technology, the pots are devised to make each one easy to pick up. Workability is excellent and work efficiency will be increased.

Shape of effective root winding suppression

Because the shape is designed to suppress root winding, plants are able to grow in good conditions. Plants that grow without winding roots are able to grow properly when transplanted to lager containers and gardens.


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