Size, Capacity (For 7.5cm TOKAI pots)

33.0×52.3×6.5㎝, 40 pots

Size, Capacity (For 9.0cm TOKAI pots)

33.0×49.0×7.5㎝, 24 pots

Size, Capacity (For 10.5cm TOKAI pots)

38.5×47.8×8.5㎝, 20 pots


Easy management of cultivation

Easily manage cultivation by using the TOKAI pot as a set.

Prevents seedlings from falling over

Your seedlings will not fall over anymore, easing your workload.

Easy to control quantity

You can easily count the number of seedlings, such as how many there are in a tray, which makes it easy to control the quantity.

Easy spacing

You cab easily and accurately leave a space between two pots.

Easy to fill pots with soil

If you set pots in the tray, you can fill all of pots at once, so work efficiency will be increased.


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